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Your doctor will probably first perform a physical examination to check for genital warts, sores, or discharges that may indicate the presence of an STD.In order to be thorough, they will also generally do a lab work up that could include urine, swab, and/or blood tests.

R&D and has responsibility for the overall management of the center.While Esparza sat in the Klamath County Jail with a Spanish-language interpreter, Rambo sat in court and read, using a video connection, from a district attorney's information listing 14 charges, including aggravated murder, murder, attempted aggravated murder, attempted murder, rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and assault.Caleb said Esparza had been drinking beer for a couple of hours at Klamath Falls' only strip club, Cowgirls 3, when he left shortly before midnight Saturday and rode a bicycle back toward the Gospel Mission, passing an Albertsons grocery store where the nuns had been selling religious items all day, and turned onto a bike path, where he encountered the two nuns.Esparza was sleeping on the floor of the motel room of the man who hired him for the bleachers job when police tracked him down Sunday night on a tip from someone who thought they recognized him from the composite drawing based on the surviving nun's description, Caleb added.Because a court-appointed attorney has yet to be assigned the case, Klamath County Circuit Judge Richard Rambo postponed Esparza's arraignment until this afternoon. Esparza was held without bail, which is not normally granted on aggravated-murder charges in Oregon.

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