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We managed to sleep at least part of every day together. Then I stumbled into something that could possibly make our life much better. I had a buddy, one of my closest friends, who was Mexican by descent, coming into the country when he was six.He struggled a little at school, and me and Billy started helping him, since we all lived within sight of each other.

If she took a full load, she could graduate in less than a year.She was told time and again after she had a couple years of experience her wages would increase.She talked to a couple of girls at both locations, and found out they had a habit of letting nurses go right around the two year mark, to get someone cheaper. Then again, I thank God, or Karma, or just plain good luck that it happened before we'd had children. It still hurts when I see a family with small children and I think it should have been us swinging the little girl around while she screamed and giggled, or tossing a ball to a small boy, praising him like mad when he caught it.

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We talked it over(we always talked every major decision over back then), and she went to part time so she could concentrate on school.

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