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The MIDEM International Trophy for North and South America was presented to Herb Alpert. Awards Congress, the Tijuana Brass were names Star of the Year.Ampex Stereo Tapes presented its Artistry in Sound Award to Herb Alpert for bringing a new dimension in sound to the music world, for his originality in concept and orchestration and for consistent quality in performance. Billboard's Top Easy Listening Singles 1967 included these Tijuana Brass recordings: Casino Royale at 9 and A Banda at 16.Billboard reported "During the first 10 months of the year, the Brass sold more than twice the number of LP's as the Beatles and more than all the soundtracks combined." From October 1966 through February 1967, the Brass was Billboard's Best Selling Artist on college campuses that were surveyed.Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass won the Music Operators of America award as the most popular instrumental group on jukeboxes.Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass was NARM's Best Selling Instrumentalist for 1967. The first Tijuana Brass television special was originally aired in the U. in April 1967 and reached 57 percent of television viewers. American Airlines had an A&M Records channel on its flights.

Part 2 of this feature is Herb Alpert's thoughts on A&M Records, the music industry, musicians, and life, as well as his painting and sculpture.

In October, the Brass taped a show for French television called "Tilt Magazine." On October 1, 1966, the U. Commander in Berlin, Germany recognized Herb Alpert as A Guardian of Berlin's Freedome. Herb Alpert won Billboard's Music Man of the Year Award for 1966 and was also its Top LP Artist of 1966.

In early November the Tijuana Brass taped "Rendevous am Rhein" on Lake Constance then toured U. Billboard ranked Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass #6 on its Top Singles Artists of 1966.

Herb Alpert Part 2 Herb Alpert Artist Report Herb Alpert Photo Gallery Vibrato Jazz & Grill Herb Alpert Official Website In 1956, Herb Alpert began writing songs with Lou Adler.

Herb Alpert and Lou Adler were signed to an exclusive production agreement with Madison Records and in 1960 qwew running the label's West Coast office.

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The president of Festival records thought this was the first time that eight gold records were presented simultaneously. The Tijuana Brass performed at the 1967 San Remo Festival. A&M International planned a Tijuana Brass tour of Italy.

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